Samsung announces ATIV Book 9 Plus, ATIV Book 9 Lite ultrabooks with Windows 8


Samsung has announced the 2 new ultrabooks which are an addition to series 9 in the ongoing event  Samsung Premiere 2013.

About ATIV Book 9 Plus, Samsung offers  3200×1800 pixel 13.3-inch multitouch display, an Intel core i5 Haswell processor, 8GB of RAM. The company also claims an impressive 12 hour battery life and to top it all the ultrabook weighs only 1.39kg and is 13.6mm thick at its widest point.

O the other side, The ATIV Book 9 Lite  offers a 13.3-inch multitouch display and  a more standard resolution of 1366×768 pixels. This product is powered by an AMD A6 quad-core CPU, 4GB of RAM and up to 256GB of SSD storage. Samsung claims the laptop to has 8.5 hrs battery life.