January 28, 2021

SalezShark Recently Showcased Its Innovative “Relationship Cloud” At Adtech

SalezShark, the next generation platform for sales and marketing, Salezshark, Image - 1recently showcased its innovative “Relationship Cloud” at Adtech, India. The event was held in Delhi on March 19th & 20th at The Leela, Gurgaon. SalezShark is a platform that allows sales professionals to effectively interact with their customers and drive engagement.

SalezShark is a unique ‘Relationship Cloud’ which makes it stand out from the crowded traditional CRM space that just offers the automation of sales processes, leaving sales reps in a dilemma to feed information manually and perform their tasks through it. Contrary to the typical CRM capabilities, SalezShark’s ‘Relationship Cloud’ builds a mesh of relationship network through an intelligent recommendation engine to make connections with prospects easier and faster; understand their personality traits, so that you build better relationships with your clients and ultimately drive more sales.

Ajay Chauhan, Co-Founder, SalezShark commented, “We are excited to receive such a great response at the event. Our company recently launched in India after gearing towards success in the US. India is a growing market and has a mammoth potential to harness the power of novel technology platforms. SalezShark’s vision is to disrupt the market by transforming the traditional CRM space to an innovative user friendly platform enabling organizations to perform better sales and manage processes efficiently. We merge our business intelligence and insights with innovative technology to help you change the way you sell”.

Equipped with some of the most innovative technological attributes, SalezShark holds the potential to generously contribute to your business by exponentially improving your sales & marketing. As a US-based organization, SalezShark possesses the advantage to understand the needs of global enterprises and offers customized services. SalezShark will be available as a SaaS based platform along with different subscription modules, tailored to cater organizations of different sizes and business.