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‘Sacred Ayodhya’ App Unveiled for Reserving Homestays During Ram Mandir Inauguration

The Ayodhya administration has officially launched the ‘Holy Ayodhya’ app, a user-friendly platform developed by the Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) exclusively for tourists planning to visit the auspicious Ram Mandir. This app aims to facilitate the booking of affordable homestays for visitors who wish to experience the sacred atmosphere of Ayodhya during the Ram Mandir inauguration. Aspiring guests are advised to stay informed about the latest updates and details related to the app for a seamless booking experience.

Currently available for Android users, the ‘Holy Ayodhya’ app presents a familiar and user-friendly interface reminiscent of standard hotel booking platforms. Android users can easily download the app and navigate the process of reserving homestays. What sets this app apart is its exclusive focus on listing homestays across Ayodhya, with room tariffs typically around Rs 1000. Potential visitors are encouraged to stay updated on the latest information regarding the app for effective utilization.



Ram Mandir Inauguration: 'Holy Ayodhya' App Introduced to Book Homestays  While Visiting Ram Mandir; Check Latest Details Here
Ram Mandir Inauguration: ‘Holy Ayodhya’ App Introduced to Book Homestays While Visiting Ram Mandir

To book a room through the ‘Holy Ayodhya’ app, tourists are required to provide their accurate phone number and complete an online payment to confirm their reservation. It is essential to take note of the cancellation policy, which permits free cancellation and a full refund only if the cancellation is made at least twenty-four hours before the scheduled check-in time.

It’s important for interested individuals to be aware that the standard check-in time for most rooms is set at 2 pm, according to official details.

With the anticipation of a significant surge in visitors on January 22, the administration has devised a comprehensive plan to welcome approximately 8000 guests. This includes 5000 members of Sant Samaj, who will be traveling through various modes of transportation to reach Ayodhya. To ensure smooth traffic flow during VVIP movements, a dedicated corridor is being constructed.

The ‘Holy Ayodhya’ app is positioned as a convenient tool for visitors to secure comfortable and affordable accommodations during their pilgrimage to Ram Mandir. By focusing on homestays, the app seeks to provide a more personalized and culturally immersive experience for tourists. The incorporation of a user-friendly interface and online booking features aligns with modern travel preferences, making the process seamless for users.

As the inauguration of the Ram Mandir approaches, the introduction of the ‘Holy Ayodhya’ app reflects the proactive measures taken by the Ayodhya administration to manage the influx of visitors efficiently. This initiative not only streamlines the accommodation booking process but also contributes to the overall experience of pilgrims and tourists, fostering a sense of convenience and accessibility during their visit to Ayodhya.

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