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Rumours of Apple Low Cost Phone surface again

think_different_apple-wideAccording to the latest leaks, the latest Apple iPhone may be unveiled in August and may hit the shelves on 6 September. The device is dubbed as iPhone 5C.

The leaked images of the Apple iPhone 5C reveal that it has a plastic body as opposed to aluminium, probably keeping in mind its low price. The other specifications of the phone are not yet known but it not going to be a superior quality device, courtesy its low price. According to a some online reports, the phone will have a smaller lightning connector which will make it possible to insert the audio connector right by its side. It will allow room on the top side for power or standby key. The phone is sleek in appearance with just 8.2 mm thick plastic body.

As per, a German blog, iFun has stated that Apple plans to make its next-generation iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C available in stores on 6 September this year. This indicates that the new phones might be unveiled in August. Also, Apple’s other Chinese partner, Pegatron who is manufacturing the iPhone 5C has appointed an additional 40,000 workers to its 100,000 plus workforce. The iPhone 5C is rumoured to have the following specifications:

Display – 8.9-cm (3.5-inch) screen
OS – iOS 7
Processor- A5 chipset
Camera – 5.0 megapixel camera
Add-ons – 3.5 mm audio port, lightning port, plastic polycarbonate body case


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