Rukmani Birla Hospital pays a Tribute to Covid Warriors and embraces Technology on the Eve of 5th Anniversary

Rukmani Birla Hospital pays a Tribute to Covid Warriors and embraces Technology on the Eve of 5th Anniversary

Rukmani Birla Hospital pays a Tribute to Covid Warriors and embraces Technology on the Eve of 5th Anniversary

The hospital today gave a platform to young survivors, to come forward and talk about their second lease of life. They shared their experiences and embraces their faith in the medical fraternity. Eminent physicians who treated the patients during the pandemic were also present. The trust between the doctors and the patients was evidently expressed which motivated them to keep moving forward even in these difficult times.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Simmardeep Singh Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals, gave a succinct overview of the entire spectrum of ‘Health Care Industry’ and was optimistic about the future of Rukmani Birla Hospital: “Today, on the eve of Rukmani Birla Hospital’s 5th anniversary, I wish to congratulate the young Covid survivors, who spoke about their life altering experiences in Covid times. My compliments to the entire Doctor and Nursing team, because stories like these are what motivate us to keep pushing towards excellence, despite facing multiple challenges.

5 years ago, Jaipur was a relatively new space for us as far as healthcare was concerned, but as a group we were not new to healthcare. Our flagship hospital, CMRI, Kolkata, is 51 years old and the BMB Heart Research Center, is more than 30 years old. This was the expertise we brought in, when we set up Rukmani Birla Hospital in Jaipur. The journey has been an interesting one. Along with a posse of expert and experienced clinicians, a strong administrative team, and wonderful nursing staff have been the pillars of the hospital. As we move forward, our entire focus is on providing patients an even better experience in all aspects – clinical and non-clinical. As an organization, we want to make sure that each and every patient goes back home happy.

In addition to fully equipped Medical, Cardiac, and Surgical ICUs, a 10-bedded Neuro-ICU is in the works, with state-of-the-art facilities to take care of all Neurological and Neurosurgical critical needs.

We are also looking forward to investing in technology.

The digital space is absolutely thrilling across all fields and the medical arena is no exception. Keeping this in mind, we have launched the RBH Online app. It will allow users to easily access medical care from the comfort of their home. Our larger aim and focus lies in investing in technology that provides patients with a more access-friendly experience. The Mantra is to make RBH a one stop solution for all health needs in a structured, process-oriented, manner.”

Embracing technology and giving the patients a more evolved experience, the RBH Online App would be one of its kind for the people of Rajasthan. During this pandemic, face-to-face doctor consultations were hindered and ‘lockdown’ became the new norm. So, to enable continued efficiency, Rukmani Birla Hospital has come up with an application that would help patients book an appointment with their doctor in a hassle-free manner. Everything, from appointment booking and online consultation, to downloading reports, can be done digitally via the app. This will not only help the people of Jaipur, but those residing in other districts of Rajasthan as well.

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