January 20, 2021

RS Components Presents Scanify Handheld Scanner | 3D Printing

RS Components has added the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) award-winning Scanify handheld scanner from Fuel3D to its range of affordable desktop systems for 3D digitisation and printing.

RS Fuel3D_scanner-1 L
The scanner is made by Fuel-3D, uses two cameras and processing to digitise in 8bit RGB with up to 0.35mm resolution. The user places an optical tracking target on the object, as a reference for movement correction, and a one-click shot (0.1s) then captures all the images needed to create the model.

The scanner exports various file formats including STL, as used by many 3D printers, thereby allowing scanned objects to be replicated quickly and easily. In addition, support for OBJ and PLY formats allows direct export to popular design or animation software environments, hence making numerous creative avenues accessible for users such as designers, artists, educators, makers and hobbyists.

The scanner is based on technology developed by Professor Ron Daniel at Oxford University, which Fuel-3D originally developed for medical imaging.

RS is among the first distributors to offer SCANIFY to the market, following its launch at CES 2015 in January.