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Ola introduces electric bike services in Delhi and Hyderabad

Ola has introduced its e-bike services in Delhi and Hyderabad, with plans to expand its fleet in Bengaluru following a successful pilot, according to a company statement. The e-bike service offers competitive pricing, with rates starting at Rs 25 for 5 km, Rs 50 for 10 km, and Rs 75 for 15 km, positioning it as an affordable, sustainable, and convenient commuting option within cities.

Following a successful e-bike taxi pilot in Bengaluru, where the company demonstrated the sustainable value proposition for consumers (lower prices), drivers (higher earnings), and Ola (new category and revenues), Ola Mobility CEO Hemant Bakshi announced plans for mass deployments in Bengaluru, Delhi, and Hyderabad. The company aims to deploy 10,000 e-vehicles in these cities over the next two months.

Ola’s e-bike taxi initiative, which began as a pilot in Bengaluru in September 2023, quickly gained traction by offering the most affordable electric two-wheeler rides in India, resulting in a significant 40% market expansion within three months. The company has already completed over 1.75 million rides in this category.



Ola Launches E-Bike Service, Plans to Deploy 10,000 EVs in Delhi, and  Hyderabad
Ola Launches E-Bike Service, Plans to Deploy 10,000 EVs in Delhi, and Hyderabad

The e-bike taxi service not only provides an affordable and eco-friendly commuting option for consumers but also creates additional income opportunities for gig-economy workers on the Ola platform. Bakshi emphasized that the initiative is expected to play a role in shaping the future of commerce.

With plans to expand its e-bike services and deploy thousands of electric vehicles in key cities, Ola is positioning itself to be a leader in sustainable and affordable urban mobility solutions in India. The success of the pilot program in Bengaluru has paved the way for Ola to replicate the model in other metropolitan areas, contributing to the company’s efforts to build a larger market for e-bike taxis in the country. As urban commuters increasingly prioritize eco-friendly and cost-effective transportation options, Ola’s e-bike service aims to address these needs and promote sustainable mobility solutions across major Indian cities.

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