R&M Upgrades R&MinteliPhy System for Netscale: Elevating the Benchmark for Automated Infrastructure Management

rmR&M Upgrades R&MinteliPhy System for Net scale: Elevating the Benchmark for Automated Infrastructure Management
R&M, the globally active Swiss developer and supplier of cabling systems for high-end network infrastructures, is introducing its new R&MinteliPhy system for Net scale. The next generation of automated infrastructure management (AIM) for the world’s highest density fiber solutions now runs in continuous self-testing mode to automate system health checks. Net scale combined with R&MinteliPhy ensures up-to-date key information is always available, supporting infrastructure managers’ decision-making and helping avoid risks.
IT system demands and the need for performance and agility are increasing, driven by Big Data, IoT, new (remote) working methods, mobile platforms and portable computing devices. Today’s data storage and management requires maximum port density in the smallest possible space. However, the related density increase can make capacity management, network cable documentation and fault finding difficult or impossible. To keep up with these developments, capacity and performance plans need to be based on clear, relevant, accurate and up-to-date data.
Save space and reduce cost per port
By combining next-gen cable management and patch cord design with automated connectivity tracking, Netscale Solutions deliver the world’s highest port density for 10/40/100G Ethernet and FibreChannel. Ultra high density makes it possible for example to support a SAN director in just two 1U housings. Software Defined Network (SDN) architectures can be planned more sensibly.
Integrated AIM
Troubleshooting or making decisions regarding infrastructural changes based on incorrect, out-of-date or unreliable documentation is like walking a tightrope without a safety net. An AIM system is needed to automatically detect when cords are inserted or removed and document cabling infrastructure and connected equipment. AIM is increasingly being included in new regulatory body standards.
R&MinteliPhy automates tracking of network cabling, ensuring data integrity of the documentation. Net scale can be configured with integrated AIM functionality, allowing customers to gradually extend the features and functionality of their investment whilst managing costs. With the Net scale patch cord, the solution also features R&M’s new LC quick release connector in combination with the smallest available diameter uniboot patch cord and cable access from the rear and front.