February 25, 2021

R&M ‘SafeLine’ Protects Patients and Medical Equipment from Disruptive Electromagnetic Fields and Over-Voltage Accidents

PrintBANGALORE, India – November 19, 2013

Swiss cabling specialist R&M, introduced ‘SafeLine’ network isolator which is specially designed to address the increasing challenges faced byhospitals, clinics etc. in protecting electrically operated equipment and people from disruptive electromagnetic fields and over-voltage accidents. SafeLine is the next generation of network isolators that can be integrated into the freenet platform containing insulated wires to achieve complete protection against hazards. SafeLineis certified with the international standard IEC 60601-1.

 SafeLine is a network isolator for the next generation, fully integratable in freenet platforms. In contrast to standard standalone devices, SafeLine can be professionally integrated into data networks. Patients undergoing treatment need special protection, whether they are in the operating theater, a treatment room, a CT scanner or intensive care.  SafeLine network isolators safeguard the patients who come into physical contact with the devices present in the hospital, and also protect thehospital’s equipment. Disruptive electromagnetic fields and over-voltage can have direct effect on the patient and medical equipment; SafeLine can make sure that the required safety is achieved.SafeLine

SafeLine fulfills the entire range of requirements laid down in ISO/IEC 60601-1:2005 for the galvanic isolation in ME equipment and ME systems. In order to prevent that the limit values specified in the standard are not exceeded at APPLIED PARTS and other TOUCHABLE PARTS, two MOPPs must be in place in all ME EQUIPMENT (medical devices). SafeLine amounts to two MOPPs in itself (means of patient protection = redundant protection of the patient against the hazard of electric shock). The advantage for the enduser is that the equipment does not have to be fitted with any additional protective measures to meet the demands for a patient’s safety.

Mr Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing Director at R&M India, said “The international standard IEC 60601-1 and the versions for specific countries define how patients under treatment are to be protected from serious accidents caused by electric shocks. The R&M network insulator SafeLine meets these current standards. With SafeLine, healthcare organizations can rest assured that each device will comply with the high level of safety as per the international standards for network security.”