January 22, 2021

R&M releases Colocation Migration Handbook .

R&M is a Swiss based developer and a provider known worldwide for providing high-quality and high-performance connectivity systems and network infrastructures. It is releasing a practical guide based on the successful colocation migration for enterprise data centers. It focuses on providing the users an idea regarding the planning, physical infrastructure, design specifications, and strategy aspects that should be considered before an effective migration into a colocation data center can take place. If these steps are not taken into proper consideration it will negatively affect the benefits that can be gained from the  colocation of a data center relocation.
Dr. Thomas WellingerR&M Market Manager Data Center said that outsourcing a data-center operation to a purposeful data center can provide the operators with greater efficiency, reliability and security. It will also help reduce the cost, providing an easy connection of the opportunities with the eco-system which already has other relevant service providers and partners. If the data center migration happens in the correct way it ensures proper avoidance of unplanned downtime, unnecessary costs. It also helps make informed issues about primary topics such as security, scalability and redundancy.
The handbook is divided into seven chapters which cover the following topics:
  • Understanding the Requirements and Planning the Project: this focuses at organizing stakeholders and at the same time identifying the IT requirements
  • Asset and Application Inventory: This section will help chalk out the scope, size and timing of the migration, the different deployment needs and an inventory automation.
  • Setting the framework and releasing an RFP: This will create a request for the proposals to be sent to the respective colocation data centers.
  • Planning New Infrastructure: This will help review colocation of the floor space/white space and the architecture and designing links.
  • Pre-Migration Tasks: Help to create a day-to-day schedule for the migrating team representatives.
  • Initial migration:This will provide a migration planning and how the actual migration of the infrastructure, data and applications will take place.
  • Post migration: It will cover everything starting from testing and auditing to adopting data center infrastructure management.