February 26, 2021

ACL Mobile’s SEK 655 million/Rs 535 crore acquisition by Sinch will usher a new era of cloud communications in India.


ACL Mobile, a pioneer in communications sector is all set to create a global footprint as it sells a major percent of its shares to Sinch AB (publ) – XSTO: SINCH. The company has it’s headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Sinch is a trustworthy provider of cloud communications on mobile platform. It is operating across 30 different countries. The deal has a total cash consideration amounting to SEK 655 million/Rs 535 crore.

 ACL Mobile is a cloud communication service providing company based in India. It has over 500 enterprise customers from various key sectors like BFSI, Retail/e-commerce and Travel. Sinch can access the huge domestic market in India by acquiring ACL India. It can also leverage ACL’s direct connections to mobile operators in India, Malaysia and UAE and provide end-to-end connectivity to the worldwide business.

Sanjay K Goyal, Founder and CEO of ACL Mobile said that they are highly excited for this new journey. Together they will be able to provide better messaging services and many new value-added products to a greater range of customer. They will pursue new opportunities to emerge as a “Global Leader”.

Oscar Werner, CEO, Sinch said that with ACL they can access  the world’s second largest mobile market. They are gaining customers, expertise and technology.They also plan to strengthen their global messaging product for the necessary businesses with global needs. He further stated that India will be a key market in Sinch’s global Tier 1 super network.

ACL’s proprietary Axiom platform offers  services like intelligent routing and granular access controls. It specifically meets the requirements of the demanding financial institutions. Some of the leading financial institutions who rely on ACL technology are HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak and IndusInd Bank.