R&M Conducts “ Qualified Partner Program” in Delhi, Radiant Chips in with Partners & Associates

The Switzerland based Global structured cabling giant R&M initiated a day long training cum certification program called ” Qualified Partner Program” (QPP) in the capital on 17th May 2019. The program was assisted by R&M’s North India Distributor – Radiant Info Solutions who called in – IT Consultants, Projects Managers, Designers and Semi Skilled Installers who are engaged in cabling projects and entrepreneurs who were in this line of business to make them aware of its utilities and the future.

Talking to newsmen R&M’s Technical Director Mr Shajan George said on the completion of the training program that the participants have to go through the process of test to secure an Authorized Installer Certification for executing projects within the Indian subcontinent.

He said these training in fact help both as here they learnt various types of technologies available globally and the one, most essential. It is primarily carried out to bring India at par to the International Standards in the field of Structured Cabling Systems, he added. Mr. George said since structured cabling projects are always done for a longer period of existence.

Therefore such training are being carried out keeping in mind the trend for the next 20 years and more.

Mr George told that they have another Level 2 certification program available for the Data Center Building. He said under this the curriculum emphasizes about the standards to be followed while designing a data center. Mr George said normally people enter the Radiology room and then wear the Gloves and Gown but it should rather be the reverse way. One must enter the Radiology rooms only after wearing the proper Gowns and wearing the proper Gloves to avoid migration of germs from the human body to various machinery that were exposed to germs. He said this is applicable even in places where regular fumigation is carried out but still one should always maintain these basic hygienic conditions in a bid to curb entry of various infectious diseases in the vital and sensitive departments of any hospitals, he added. To a question on imparting training to the semi skilled workforce, Mr George said , ” if a road is bumpy the drive cannot be comfortable and by providing these technical skill we are ensuring a smooth functioning of the system, he added.

While speaking to a training participant she shared – taking part to equip herself of the latest trend in the structured cabling systems. It shall improve her designing skill in the Structured Cabling Layout Plans.While a project consultant when asked said this R&M technology is far advanced and there is no booth in it so the standard of connectivity is far better, he said.

Radiant’s MD Mr Nishant Gupta said “ R&M organizes more than 15 training sessions in a year to keep the industry going – we being their Northern RD shall ensure this to benefit business for our channel partners and associates.