R&M celebrates opening of New U.S. East Coast Office and Network Cabling Production Facility with Virtual Open House Ceremony

R&M, a producer of high-quality network infrastructures opened a new office at U.S. East Coast office and a production facility in Elkridge, Maryland. It was a virtual open-house. In the open house webcast video, R&M CEO Michel Riva gives a brief company introduction. It presents executive presentations of the Elkridge facility and the various market trends of R&M solutions. R&M carried out an open-house webcast because of the current pandemic situation. It is a planning for in-person open-house event later this year once the Covid-19 restrictions are relaxed and no longer effective.
R&M has over 10 production facilities in different countries like United States, Europe, the Middle East, China, India, and Brazil. R&M CEO Michel Riva said that they are highly excited in this growth and expansion of their company. With Elkridge production facility, they are looking forward to provide better services to their customers in Eastern, Southern and Midwestern United States. It is by far the largest market for network connectivity.

The opening of the R&M office and production facility in Elkridge follows R&M’s acquisition of Elkridge-based Optimum Fiberoptics Inc. in 2019. The Optimum Fiberoptics acquisition and the new Elkridge facility are remarkable events in R&M’s expansion from Switzerland to the United States.
The production facility of R&M in Elkridge will serve R&M’s existing customers in Eastern, Southern and Midwestern, the ever-expanding data center markets in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and all the different military branches. The Elkridge facility does designing for any needs. It uses R&M’s high-quality fiber and copper cabling products,  has an enormous production space and various equipment to serve customers varying connectivity requirements.
R&M USA President Christopher Stratas said that the R&M’s new office and production facility in Elkridge will help customers in East, South and Midwest. Thet will maintain one line for customer service and technical sales support for customers throughout the United States. The Elkridge facility will blend 
While R&M’s new office and production facility in Elkridge will serve our Eastern, Southern and Midwestern customers, we’ll maintain one line for customer service and technical sales support for global and local products for local area networks, data centers and public networks with their special ability to provide customized solution to the customers.