Ricoh Licenses Vayavya’s DDGen Tool For Automated Device Driver Generation

imagesRicoh Company Ltd., a global leader in imaging devices and industry products, announced that they have entered a licensing agreement with Vayavya Labs Pvt. Ltd. for using DDGen to accelerate development of device drivers. DDGen generates device drivers for different operating systems from a formal specification of the peripheral’s programming specification.

Ricoh will be using DDGen for different peripherals present in their products – including USB host/device controllers, network controller, flash memory devices, etc.

The licensing engagement follows a positive recommendation from an earlier study by Ricoh that looked into various aspects of the DDGen methodology – including quality of the generated code.

Naoya Morita, Embedded Platform Development Department at Ricoh Company Ltd., said, “As a system provider, we would like to have every IP be ready to be incorporated into the systems.

“In order to establish such state, it is essential to have a tool like DDGen, which enables us to automatically generate device drivers based on data such as IP-XACT (with extensions), and to manage all IPs with IP-XACT.

“We have been searching some tools like DDGen to cut down cost, time and effort while meeting the time-to-market demands. We are encouraged by the early results shown by DDGen.”

RK Patil, Vayavya Labs CEO said, “As programmable IPs in Systems on Chip (SoC) design increase in numbers and complexity, the delivery of embedded software as part of the system becomes a bottleneck.

With proliferation of multiple embedded operating systems, SoC firms face the challenge of delivery for device drivers and multiple BSPs. An automation tool like DDGen can help in bringing up to 10-fold productivity improvements for device drivers and BSP. We are happy to see a major embedded platform firm Ricoh endorsing the benefits.”