March 9, 2021

Ricoh launches mobile visual search platform Ocutag

NEW DELHI: Ricoh Innovations Corporation (RIC), a subsidiary of Ricoh Company Ltd, launched a mobile visual search platform, Ocutag, which connects users with a variety of digital media by capturing an image.Ricoh_logo

The first implementation for this technology has been done with Disney UTV Digital’s new smartphone app in India.

“The mission for our new Visual Services and Solutions Business Unit is to understand and interpret the world’s visual information to provide an enhanced human experience,” Ricoh Innovations President and CEO Nikhil Balram said here.

Ocutag platform allows app developer to integrate Ricoh’s visual search technology into their mobile apps using the application programming interface (API).

When an app accesses Ocutag APIs, the Ocutag server finds a match among the images posted in the app’s associated collection.

Ricoh is proud to be a part of Disney UTV’s mobile app, which demonstrates an exciting new way that companies can use the Ocutag platform to deliver the value of visual search to their customers, he added.

Disney UTV Digital has launched ‘UTV Stars’ mobile app for smartphones powered with the Ocutag platform.

The augmented reality feature called Snap Search connects users to their favourite Bollywood stars and allows them to click a snap of a movie poster to provide easy access to customised content like movie trailers, behind the scenes videos, tweets, pictures and more.

The UTV Stars app is the first entertainment app for smartphones in India that provides Bollywood news, gossip, movies and live TV all in one app, Balram said.

Headquartered in California’s Silicon Valley with a subsidiary in Bangalore, RIC develops innovative technologies and creates new businesses for Ricoh Company Ltd.

Source-times of india