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RFPIO March release debuts innovative UX with new AI-assisted features for faster, more impactful RFPs and other responses

RFPIO, the leader in response management software, today announced a reimagined user experience (UX), integrated with new AI-assisted features, which will transform how sales, marketing, finance, and security professionals create, collaborate and complete winning proposals and other customer responses. In addition, RFPIO introduced RFPIO Community, and an on-demand RFPIO University Certificate Program to further enhance its user’s knowledge and skillset.

The new RFPIO UX delivers a simple, intuitive interface that enables users to respond quickly and accurately to RFPs, RFIs, DDQs, security questionnaires and other complex information requests (RFXs) in a few clicks, while putting AI-assisted capabilities like our recently announced GPT Assistant, requirements analysis, deduplication and questionnaire auto-complete at their fingertips. Legacy RFPIO customers have the option to move to the new UX; all new customers will use it exclusively.

AJ Sunder, RFPIO’s Chief Product Officer and CIO

“This platform release demonstrates our dedication to helping our customers improve collaboration with their internal teams and our commitment to investing in AI-powered response management software,” said AJ Sunder, RFPIO’s Chief Product Officer and CIO. “Organizations that embrace response management are much better positioned to consistently put their best foot forward in their responses to RFPs and other information requests, thereby accelerating their revenues while also mitigating risks.”

Manish Bafna, RFPIO’s VP of Engineering

“Good UX is crucial for customer adoption and success with our product. When a product is designed with the user in mind, it’s easier and more intuitive to use, allowing users to complete projects efficiently and accurately,” said Manish Bafna, RFPIO’s VP of Engineering.

Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research

“With their focus on response management, intuitive capabilities, and adaptive functionality, RFPIO’s innovative UX with AI-assisted features addresses a critical set of pain points in the market,” said Jim Lundy, Founder and CEO of Aragon Research.

Amanda Karr, Senior Marketing Communication Specialist and Proposal Manager at Keenan

“As soon as the new user experience (UX) was made available, we became immediate adopters and began using RFPIO exclusively for our projects. We find the UX very easy to use,” said Amanda Karr, Senior Marketing Communication Specialist and Proposal Manager at Keenan. “The layout and color scheme of the redesigned UX is clean and the function buttons are placed very intuitively.”

Linda Campbell, Proposal Director, Nationwide

“SMEs across our organization were able to quickly learn RFPIO’s UX.” said Linda Campbell, Proposal Director, Nationwide. “We sent out a short training video from RFPIO University, which showed the basics of the new content review process, and everyone figured it out.”

New offerings available to RFPIO customers include:

Redesigned UX

RFPIO collaborated with existing users to innovate an intuitive UX for leveraging AI capabilities.      Through this process, RFPIO identified and integrated several design principles that enhance human-AI collaboration into the redesigned UX including:

  • Intuitive: controls and capabilities that are easy to discover and learn
  • Adaptive: AI technology that anticipates and recommends based on previous usage
  • Personal: customizable displays with individualized workflows
  • Ergonomic: proven design that minimizes strain on hands and eyes
  • Capable: powerful operations for getting things done fast

Generative AI-based GPT Assistant

RFPIO recently introduced a beta version of its GPT Assistant, an option for users of RFPIO’s response management platform to edit, refine and augment content within a company’s Content Library in RFPIO.      It is currently available to select customers and will become generally available during Summer 2023.

Requirements Analysis for Public Sector RFPs

     With this update, response teams will have access to the AI-assisted capabilities they need to rapidly evaluate requirements in government RFPs, and other dense, narrative documents; organize the bid workflow; engage internal experts; and plan for product or service delivery. RFPIO’s functionality includes the ability to instantly generate a compliance matrix through a process commonly known as “document shredding” among proposal professionals.

RFPIO Community

RFPIO customers have asked for the opportunity to connect with – and learn from –  other industry professionals. Currently in beta with select customers, the RFPIO Community will allow our customers to share wins, use cases, and resources, ask for advice and gather other information from their peers that will help accelerate their business objectives. This online community, which will become available in April, will also provide a central location for RFPIO webinars, events, help center articles, and RFPIO University training updates.

RFPIO University Certificate Program

Now offered on-demand, RFPIO University,      offers an online certificate program in project management and content management for presales, sales, proposal management, and sales enablement professionals. By securing these certificates, RFPIO users can validate their knowledge, learn new information and gain a competitive edge in driving best practices in response management.

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