REVE Endpoint Security Upgrades with Network Data Backup Feature

REVE Antivirus, the next gen enterprise security product from REVE Group has added Network Data backup feature in the updated version of REVE EPS (End Point Security).  The admin can configure data backup for all computers in the network using REVE EPS Server. This feature allows admin to set any computer running REVE EPS Client as Backup Manager, which centrally stores the backup data of clients.

The highlight of REVE Antivirus Endpoint Security solutions is that it incorporates a Device Control technology that allows the administrator to block or allow permissions for using external devices such as Hard Disk, Pen drive, USB Dongle, Printers, External CD/DVD.  By blocking unauthorized media, Device control prevents the spreading of a virus via removable devices.

According to REVE Antivirus CEO, Mr. Sanjit Chatterjee, “We have been ensuring to add more robust features in REVE Endpoint Security with our every upgrade. Data Security and safety have been our top priority to keep networks secured from zero day attacks.”

The product has already received good response from corporates due to its advanced features. This helps to maintain the high level of confidentiality, meeting the data security standards for any organization.