REVE Antivirus Launches Upgraded Version of REVE Mobile Security Software for Smartphones

With the growing number of virus attacks mobile phone users are increasingly becoming prey to the hackers. People are at high risks to become a victim to ransomware, data theft and theft of other sensitive information.The digital attacks on mobile phones nowadays are more advanced and require more than traditional defensive mechanism. More to this, mobile phone users can also fall prey to malicious files located in the SD card or phone. The REVE Antivirus Mobile Security offers total antivirus solution to the Android mobile phones with advanced features such as Anti-theft, App Lock, Intruder Photo capture facility etc.

Some of the features are described below:

  • App Lock to protect your privacy by helping you lock installed apps using a password.

  • The REVE Antivirus Mobile Security saves the photo of intruder who tries to unlock your locked app by entering wrong password thrice.

  • Privacy adviser to let you know what data your apps are accessing in the background.

  • Displays complete list of installed apps along with their permission level.

  • The Antivirus gives the user a complete status report of total scanned files and information about infected files & the quarantined ones of your PC.

  • Users receive live alerts if any threat is detected on your PC.

  • The Users also receive instant alert when anyone browse any restricted website/ or sites marked under surveillance in your PC.

In the words of Sanjit Chatterjee, CEO, Reve Antivirus, “Security breaches related to mobile phones are constantly on rise and the smartphones are prone to more attacks than ever before. We believe that the REVE Antivirus Mobile Security will help our customers in securing their mobile phones against viruses and other advanced cyber-attacks with our advanced technology.”

He further added that, the hackers are increasingly becoming savvy and that is why it is important that we should give an updated and advanced approach for the protection against such attacks and threats and empower our customers to remain safe and secure against all kinds of digital attacks.