Restrategize your workspace with Qpro by Qdesq

Qdesq recently launched Qpro, a new vertical to accelerate the restrategizing of workspaces. As the world is amidst the battle with COVID-19, people who started work from home are still sticking to it post lockdown. The fear of the pandemic is restricting many professionals to step outside of their homes and sit out of office. 

Qpro provides on-demand dedicated desks and promotes work near home. You can book any number of desks and pay monthly. Qpro stresses highly on the word ‘flexibility’ and hence ensures no-security deposits and no lock-in period. 

The traditional days of having a single office are to be left behind. The new world workforce seeks flexibility to work from anywhere. The head office should be reformed as the place for top executives and conduction of data-sensitive operations. While the teams can work remotely from various managed offices. Qpro acts as the business contingency plan and creates a framework to segregate your team in various offices inter/intra city and puts your business back in action. 

“Qpro will enable all firms to have a financially prudent and productive parallel to work from home, having a fruitful workspace with no strings attached that too on-demand basis in terms of location and flexibility,” says Paras Arora, CEO & Co-Founder, Qdesq.

All the offices booked through Qpro are affordable and aesthetically designed. The presence of premium facilities will increase the level of productivity. The managed offices have all the basic and advanced amenities like high-speed internet, transport accessibility, CCTV/security, cafeteria, centralized A.C., etc. One of the key advantages is all the spaces available for booking, abide by the COVID-19 precautionary and check measures, including regular sanitization, social distancing, and adherence for masks

“Qpro not only upgrades the performance factor of the quality but also applies on your financial front where you save capital in the form of no Capex, add of multi-year leases, add or removing a desk as per your requirement, zero fit-out cost etc. which makes it a viable option,” says Lavesh Bhandari, CTO & Co-Founder, Qdesq

Productivity and growth-oriented environment comprise various factors such as infrastructure, energy, and team collaboration. All of these traits are present in a good working milieu and will have a positive impact on your performance. The future of the workspaces is not working from home rather work near home. 

From a single desk to an enterprise solution, Qpro believes in flexibility and productivity for you and your team. It currently caters to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi-NCR, and key micro-markets in other cities.