Researchers Develop Boredom-Sensing Algorithm For Smartphones

Smartphone are becoming smarter indeed. Telefonica BoredomResearchers have recently developed a new algorithm which can actually detect your boredom. With the help of factors like the time the phone was last used, how intensely the phone is being used and whether it is being used for calls or messages, the newly developed technique can figure out if its user is getting bored.

When analysed, the system seemed to provide 83 per cent accurate data. Machines reading the state of mind are rarely available. Hence, introduction of this new algorithm has been able to raise curiosity among the smartphone users.

If you are feeling bored at a new place, the new technique would try to help by feeding you content you would like. In fact, it is expected to send an alert on the users’ phone asking if they would like to read an article on BuzzFeed’s news app.

Meawhile, Tilman Dingler, a researcher working on the project, confirmed that team now wants to analyse that which type of content is loved by the bored people so that it could create such articles.

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