March 7, 2021

Renting Rides Through Mobile Apps

Transportation has always been a highly essential human need. anshuman-mihirThere are myriads of public transport options available, but taxies and cabs are highly preferred because of its privacy and comfort. It is one of the most popular mode of transport in most part of the world. Cab services started grabbing public attention in the late 19th century. It immediately became a thing of luxury and comfort. Today taxi services are more of need than luxury. Big cities today have heavy traffic and scarce parking spots. Relying on public transport instead of an individual, eliminates parking and maintaining troubles.

Because of increasing demand, new cab services are launched every day. There are approximately 1.6 million registered cabs running on the streets of India.

Calling for a cab service in olden days was quite a hassle as you had to collect taxi service provider’s numbers and call in to check availability. Negotiating with the service provider was a big turnoff of this process. The process was lengthy and was impossible to call for a taxi on immediate basis.

Making cabs accessible online using web and mobile application has made it so convenient that you can book a taxi on real-time basis and have one pick you in as early as 2 mins.

If it was not for smartphone cab service applications, arranging a ride would never have been as prompt as it is today.

Technological development is an indispensable part of infrastructural and material development. Majority of the population these days’ use smartphone and using your PDA to arrange a ride is the simplest a service can get. No matter where you are, all you need is a smooth internet connectivity to find the nearest cab around you. Confirm your ride and the chauffer will pick you up.

Technology has tremendously helped cab industry to grow multifold. Using mobile applications to book cab service has several considerable benefits.

Online cab booking system through mobile applications is crystal clear in all aspects. It is the fastest way to book your travel. You receive the confirmation immediately and you can use these mobile applications 24×7. Everything is managed online and you will get all updates about your travel plan almost instantly. You can access the app anytime to check your booking status.

The process of booking cabs through mobile apps save a great deal of time. Calling a cab service to make a booking is a time consuming process. You have to wait for your call to get through and then wait for a customer care executive to respond. You need to provide all the details of your pickup location and drop location and then wait for the representative to find a suitable taxi. Now this taxi may not even be near your pickup location. Booking cabs through mobile application uses GPS system to extract your current whereabouts and then displays all available cabs nearby along with the time they need, to reach your place. A couple of clicks will confirm your booking and your ride will reach you in a matter of minutes.

These mobile applications give you the choice to book cab in advance for pre-planned trips. This will ensure a guaranteed pickup on the desired date and time of travel. You not only have to choice of booking time, but you can select your own choice of vehicle. The taxi fare is fixed and you get the bill details directly on your mobile. Many cab services also offer online wallet payment system just in case you run out of cash.

Almost all cab services have their mobile applications available to download from app stores. Install and start renting rides anywhere in India.

By: Anshuman Mihir, CEO & CO-Founder, MyTaxiIndia, India’s leading outstation Taxi Service.