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Reliance Jio: Here’s how you can download over 900MB movie without using data

57081542Reliance Jio has started rolling out a new update for its JioCinema smartphone app. The update brings a new ‘smart’ download feature, in addition to having the usual bug fixes and performance improvements. For those unaware, JioCinema enables users to save their favourite shows and movies offline for later viewing. The app has an on-demand video library that offers content in multiple languages, exclusively for Jio users.
The latest update to JioCinema brings a new ‘smart’ download feature, enabling users to schedule downloads. The app also has ‘Happy Hours’ from 2AM-5AM daily, allowing free unlimited internet data. With the newly-introduced ‘smart’ download feature, users can schedule their favourite content on JioCinema for download during the night. That way, the content will be ready for them next morning and can be watched offline anytime.
Once the app is updated to its most-recent version, users will be browse through over 1 lakh hours of content available on JioCinema. They can then select the content from various categories and tap on the download button. The app will then ask users to select the content from different categories and specify the quality of video to download – low, medium or high. In order to download the content, users can select either the regular download now or ‘smart’ download. The second option can be used to schedule downloading during Happy Hours. All downloaded content is stored under the ‘My Downloads’ tab in the main menu.
However, it’s not possible to download all the content available in the app. There is a filter option within the download section that allows users to sort content based on categories. Along with this, the My Downloads section also shows the remaining storage available in the app. Given the limited storage of around 4GB, users may have to keep clearing out watched content to be able to download more. JioCinema app further allows users to resume watching the content from where they left it, across any compatible device.

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