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Reliance Jio Collaborating with IIT-B on ‘Bharat GPT’; Set to Introduce Operating System for TVs, Says Akash Ambani

Akash Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm, revealed on Wednesday that the telecommunications giant is collaborating with the Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) to launch a program called ‘Bharat GPT.’ Additionally, Ambani shared plans for Reliance Jio to introduce an operating system (OS) for televisions, expressing the company’s comprehensive approach to the endeavor.

Speaking at the annual Techfest hosted by IIT-B, Ambani emphasized the importance of building an “ecosystem of development” for Reliance Jio. He mentioned that the company has been diligently working on the vision of “Jio 2.0,” an initiative focused on further development and innovation.

The collaboration with IIT-B dates back to 2014, and Ambani highlighted the ongoing partnership, stating, “We have been working on a project with IIT Bombay to launch a Bharat GPT program.” The Bharat GPT program appears to be a significant venture, although specific details about its objectives and scope were not provided.




Reliance Jio working on 'Bharat GPT' with IIT-Bombay; to launch OS for TVs: Akash  Ambani | Tech News
Reliance Jio working on ‘Bharat GPT’ with IIT-Bombay; to launch OS for TVs: Akash Ambani

Ambani underscored the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on various products and services. He expressed the company’s commitment to incorporating AI both vertically within its organization and horizontally across all sectors. Ambani envisions AI as a pivotal force that will redefine numerous aspects of business and technology in the coming decade.

Reliance Jio’s foray into the media space, commerce, communication, and devices is part of its broader strategy. Ambani hinted at the company’s efforts in developing its own operating system (OS) for televisions, emphasizing a comprehensive approach to its launch.

2024 holds special significance for the Ambani family, with a wedding planned for his brother during that year. Additionally, Ambani expressed enthusiasm about Reliance Jio offering 5G private networks, extending 5G capabilities to enterprises of all sizes.

Ambani hailed India as the “biggest innovation center” for the next decade and confidently predicted that the country’s economy would reach USD 6 trillion by the end of the decade. He emphasized the pervasive influence of AI, sharing an anecdote about an AI app controlling mattress temperature.

At Jio, Ambani emphasized the belief that the pursuit of initiatives is fundamentally good for India, with financial gains seen as a byproduct of serving the nation. He described Jio as the largest startup globally and encouraged young entrepreneurs not to fear failure.

Ambani urged entrepreneurs to contribute to societal well-being, especially those involved in the consumer space. Passion for work and a commitment to societal good were highlighted as essential values for success. Ambani positioned technology as a great equalizer, transcending boundaries of demographics and caste.

In conclusion, Ambani’s remarks at IIT-B’s Techfest outlined Reliance Jio’s ambitious plans, including the collaboration with IIT-B for the Bharat GPT program and the development of a TV operating system. The emphasis on AI, 5G, and societal impact reflects the company’s strategic vision for the future, positioning Reliance Jio as a major player in India’s evolving technological landscape.

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