Registrations for Micromax’s Yu Yureka Second Flash Sale Begin




Registrations for the next flash sale on Thursday of Micromax’s Yu Yureka on Amazon India opened at 2pm IST on Friday. There is no word from either company about how many smartphone units will be available in the second flash sale.

Interested readers can register on dedicated Amazon India page, and those readers who registered for the first flash sale on Tuesday will be automatically ‘pre-registered’ for the next sale on Thursday, assures Amazon.
The first flash sale of Micromax’s Yu Yureka on Tuesday was witness to quite some controversy. Apart from site glitches that prevented users from completing (and in some cases, even initiating) their purchase, reports claim the two companies werenot being honest about how many smartphones were actually made available for the sale, and how many finally ended up being sold.

Other issues also included Amazon displaying a higher price tag of Rs. 12,499 (Rs. 3,500 more than the announced Rs. 8,999 price) for the Yu Yureka to some users at various stages of the ordering process, and in some cases even charging customers the higher amount. The US-based online retailer took to Twitter to apologise for the incident, saying it would address the issue for impacted customers.

Apart from these issues, the first Yu Yureka flash sale was claimed by Micromax’s Yu Televentures to have seen 10,000 smartphone units going out of stock in 3 seconds. Ahead of the sale, Micromax Co-Founder Rahul Sharma had said the company had received over 300,000 registrations for the sale – leading the firm to close registrations early due to this “overwhelming response.”

Seeing the underwhelming manner in which the first sale was handled, we can only hope both Amazon and Micromax pull up their socks for the next flash sale, unless they want to face the ire of disappointed potential owners – several of whom have already vowed on social media to buy the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G rival instead, claiming that at least Xiaomi’s much-criticised flash sale system was better handled.