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Red Fort Capital Raises 115 Million Debt Fund to Boost Small Business Loan Portfolio

“Red Fort Capital Raises INR 115 million Debt Fund to Empower Small Businesses with Quick Loans and Zero NPAs”21st June 2023: Red Fort Capital, an investment-grade finance company headquartered in Mumbai, has recently secured a term loan of INR 75 million from IKF Finance in Chennai and INR 40 million from Usha Financial Services.

These funds will support Red Fort Capital’s mission to provide quick business loans to MSMEs and expand its

loan book.

Specializing in secured business loans––ranging from INR 10 million to 100 million––Red Fort Capital prides itself on its experienced management team and efficient underwriting practices, enabling an impressive turnaround time of under 7 days. The company’s robust loan monitoring processes, strong risk management practices, and commitment to financial stability have resulted in zero non-performing assets (NPAs).

The loan from IKF Finance will contribute to Red Fort Capital’s goal of achieving an asset under management (AUM) of INR 1.75 billion+ by the end of the financial year. Mr. Parry Singh, the Founder & CEO of Red Fort Capital, expressed pride in the company’s diversified loan book, backed by strong collateral and driven by a team of dedicated professionals. Red Fort Capital’s impeccable track record of zero NPAs reflects their focus on growth and excellence in the lending sector.

By recognizing the challenges small businesses face in accessing loans from traditional financial institutions, Red Fort Capital customizes its lending solutions to meet the needs of small service providers, manufacturers, and retailers. Across India the company plays a crucial role in empowering MSMEs by bridging the gap between formal financing and appealing to the unique requirements of its clientele.

Red Fort Capital stands out in terms of asset quality, utilizing advanced technology, and strategic digital marketing thus strengthening its sourcing and underwriting platform. By leveraging innovation, the company has streamlined its operations, ensuring efficiency and precision throughout the loan lifecycle. These efforts have established Red Fort Capital as a trusted and forward-thinking financial institution.

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