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Recent WhatsApp Beta Allows Addition of New Channel Administrators

The latest WhatsApp beta update is bringing a significant change to the management policies for WhatsApp Channels, offering more flexibility to channel admins. The update, introduced in the TestFlight beta program for iOS (version, allows channel owners to add additional administrators to help manage the channel effectively.

Previously, WhatsApp Channels were managed solely by the owner, limiting the ability to handle larger channels or groups with a growing number of participants. The latest update addresses this limitation by enabling channel owners to promote other users within the channel to admin status. This new feature is being rolled out gradually to iOS users, following earlier reports of its development in an Android beta update.

According to information shared by WABetaInfo, a reliable source for WhatsApp-related developments, the update allows channel admins to search for and invite other users to become admins. This enhancement simplifies the management of larger channels, as owners can now delegate responsibilities to additional admins, streamlining the process of handling discussions, announcements, and other channel-related activities.



Latest WhatsApp Beta Lets You Add New Channel Admins | Beebom
Latest WhatsApp Beta Lets You Add New Channel Admins

The move represents part of Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance WhatsApp’s functionality and cater to the evolving needs of its user base. WhatsApp, originally designed for smaller groups, has expanded its capabilities to accommodate communication with virtually unlimited numbers of people through the introduction of Channels. This latest update further aligns with Meta’s commitment to providing users with more control and flexibility within the platform.

In addition to the improved channel management feature, WhatsApp has introduced other notable updates in recent beta versions. One noteworthy addition is the inclusion of voice chats similar to those found on Discord, allowing up to 128 members to participate in a single voice chat session. This enhancement enhances the social and interactive aspects of WhatsApp, enabling users to engage in more dynamic conversations.

The gradual rollout of these features indicates that Meta is actively refining and expanding WhatsApp’s capabilities. By incorporating user feedback and addressing specific needs, Meta aims to maintain WhatsApp as a leading instant messaging platform that meets the diverse requirements of its global user base.

As with any beta release, users can anticipate further refinements and additional features in subsequent updates. These developments highlight the dynamic nature of messaging platforms as they adapt to the changing preferences and expectations of users worldwide. The ability to add more channel admins on WhatsApp reflects the platform’s commitment to empowering users and improving the overall user experience.

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