Reboot Launches Infinity Store In Ramanthapur Region With Tyche

rebooREBOOT has launched ‘i- store’ (infinity store) at Ramanthapur on the 24th of July. The store was inaugurated by noted Telugu film director, Shri Srikanth Addala. Speaking on the occasion Shri Srikanth Addala said, “There is an acute need of computers for the youth and school children of India from all strata’s of the society. It will be immensely helpful for consumers to be able to buy computers at affordable prices while ensuring environmental sustainability.

Stressing that computers are also actively used in the film industry, Shri Addala stated refurbished computers are not only cost effective, but also work just like new. Shri Srikanth Addala, endorsed the merits of adopting such recycled systems as both education and work in future will largely be guided via computers.

Mr. Navin Krishna and Dheeraj, owners of Tyche expressed happiness on partnering with Reboot and to be the first such store in Hyderabad. Mr. Navin Krishna commented, Reboot systems with its range of very affordable range of laptops and desktops and backed by warranty norms is a big boon for customers who could not afford good working computers earlier.

Reboot is of the view that reengineering of computers has become the acceptable norm world-over. They offer the advantages of safeguarding the environment from e-waste issues while providing the opportunity of owning computers at reasonable prices. Reboot board represented by Mr. Anand Tater, Mr. Rahul Chowdhury and Mr. NV Subbarao present at the inaugural said Indian market is at an interesting stage of discovering and adopting computers. It is a core operating belief at Reboot that ‘everyone deserves a computer. Overall computer penetration in India is below 10% and the same outside of the 6 large metros, is a very low ~ 3%. India tier II and III cities are yet to witness large scale computer adoption and have been largely underserved in an era of digital literacy.