DIGILITE to go aggressive, ramps up the motherboards production in India

digilite_logo_261613474638_640x360DIGILITE the motherboards brand of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. has launched two new models DL-H61M-VG4 & DL-880GM-LE-FX in Intel and AMD segment. DIGILITE has also increased the motherboards production in India to cater to the high season demand and meet shortages in channel due to Intel motherboards supply constraints.

Mr. Rajan Sharma, VP – Sales, DIGILITE stated, “DIGILITE has been highly successful in the motherboards product segment. Our products have been very well accepted by the channel and end customers. We have been able to garner good market-share with-in 100 weeks of our launch. DIGILITE has been working closely with Intel and AMD and launching new models of motherboards with the prime objective of meeting supply and demand in the market and giving our customers the best price/performance.”

DIGILITE follows a robust INTEL & AMD roadmap on its latest products. It offers complete range of motherboards with over 20+ models, backed with excellent service & support provided by DIGICARE. The Company has more than three decades of experience in Manufacturing Motherboards.