image003Rashi Peripherals is the host for the annual event in its ninth year ‘Channel Business Forum’ which along with educating and informing partners also exhibits a variety of products for the partners. This year Rashi Peripherals has partnered along with Lenovo to exhibit the wide range of SMB products in more than 30 cities which has garnered good response from the partners. CBF-IX is held in various cities of the country especially focusing on towns with great acceptance of the IT business like Nashik, Bharuch, Ratlam.

CBF is currently showcasing the B- series, ThinkPad Edge Series, AIOs and T- Series Laptops but the one that is gaining special attention and has stood out is the Think Center ‘Tiny’. With Think Centre Tiny – The Smallest Desktop in the World one can save 40% of the Energy compare to Normal Desktop.CBF-Lenovo CBF-Lenovo1

Rashi is also using this platform to highlight Lenovo’s AIO, for which the size varies from 18.5 inches ti 21.5 inches. However, the 18.5 inch AIO is very niche with Rashi and is being promoted in these C, D and E class cities.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar from Classic Computers, Junagarh said “I am amazed to come to know about the Lenovo range of products especially the AIOs and Tiny. I thank the Rashi Team to bring these unique products to Srinagar that too when the temperature was 4 degree. ”

Mr. Rajesh Gadgil, GBM, Rashi Peripherals says “Rashi& Lenovo have always been supportive towards each other. Rashi Peripherals has tried to make Lenovo’s products available across the country with the help of our 58 branches reaching to majorly all the cities or towns and making its presence felt with positive brand building.”






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