Rashi & Plantronics Launch One Of A kind Retailer scheme

Retailers across the country have something to rejoice Rashiabout. A retailer’s scheme introduced by the “True” value added distributor, Rashi along with its VendorPlantronics who is a leading innovator in Bluetooth and audio communications equipment.

The scheme comes with a maturity period of three months, from May to July. As a part of the scheme the retailers would be awarded monetarily in accordance to their pre-set targets achieved. The scheme would help the Plantronics capitalize market share but also help increase retailers profits. With various aids-to trade, pitching Bluetooth headsets to a new smartphone buyer would make an additional sale much easier.

An additional added advantage comes as a great boon; with 6 months of additional warranty support from Plantronicson Offline purchase. It gives the retailers a chance to lure potential customers to opt for retail outlets.

“This scheme creates a win- win situation for all” Said Navin. “The scheme is an opportunity for the city distributors and to earn higher revenue through selling Plantronics Bluetooth headsets, especially when the rewards are in monetary terms. One the other hand the scheme would help make Plantronics become the popular choice of the City Distributors and partners.” Mr. Navin Mishra currently serves as the product manager at Rashi Peripherals.

The scheme one of many introduced to create an atmosphere of excitement among the City distributors, by Rashi Peripherals. With its undisputedly largest reach across the country it’s expected that the scheme would continue its successful run across the country from the month of May to July.