“Rashi Peripherals end Customer Scheme Receives Over Thousand Subscriptions”

Rashi Peripherals the True value added distributor, Rashi Peripherals_logoknown to have transformed the term “marketing” in the distribution business has forayed into new mediums of Marketing, this time going the digital way. As a distributor; distributing SanDisk storage devices, Rashi has taken the task creating a level of inquisition about SanDisk products among the end customers and popularizing the many advantages of owning a SanDisk product.

Whether you depend on SanDisk’s state-of-the-art flash storage solutions in your electronic devices or for storing precious memories, SanDisk products deliver superior performance and quality. For more than 27 years, they’ve been driving the future of storage solutions—increasing capacities and performance, enabling the creation of groundbreaking products, and lowering costs to make them more accessible. This singular focus has made SanDisk a trusted brand for companies and consumers alike, ideologies something Rashi shares mutually.

Through the Digital medium the most accessible by all, Rashi would engage the end users in a quiz educating them about the many advantages of owning a SanDisk storage product. A microsite has been created and would be promoted through social media and Google adverts, the activity began in February will end in April and till date has recorded over a thousand participants. Three questions would be uploaded weekly each question carrying 30 points, and a bonus question at the end of each month. The participant that answers the most questions correctly ends up with the highest score. A total of ten participants with the highest score would be in line to receive exciting rewards.

The activity will also provide an extra cover to the channel partners through driving a sense of interest among the end user.