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Ramco Systems Expands Australian footprint With Viadux Win

Enterprise software provider, Ramco Systems announced a new customer win in Australia, bringing on board RamcoViadux – a leading local manufacturer and distributor of water and environmental solutions. The partnership will see Viadux incorporate Ramco’s end-to-end ERP and HCM applications into its business, as well as leveraging Payroll and Analytics on Cloud.

Over 50 year old Viadux (formerly Pentair Water and prior to that Tyco Water) was facing challenges with its high cost of aging technology, multiple systems, and less than efficient business processes. The five-year contract with Ramco will help Viadux retire its legacy applications and move to a completely Cloud-based, Mobile and Analytics enabled ERP as an innovation platform to streamline processes and take advantage of the single, fully integrated platform-as-a-service solution.

Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said “We find Australia as a market open to embracing cloud and innovative technology offerings. Our focus on delivering next generation ERP has been received well by customers in the region which has helped the business grow five-fold within a short span. We are privileged to be associated with an innovative brand like Viadux.

“Ramco’s key differentiator, and the main reason Viadux chose us, is that our technology is built in the cloud, for the cloud and sits on a single platform. This allows us to improve our customers’ processes and efficiencies, while speeding up business with mobility and anytime, anywhere access.”

Michael Negri, CEO of Viadux Pty Limited, said: “We are excited to partner with Ramco to upgrade our archaic system that was first implemented in 1983. The single unified ERP, including HCM, payroll and analytics, allows us to remove 8 old and obsolete hosted applications, and replace them with a modern cloud based product. After running a business with old technology for so long we were very impressed with Ramco’s innovations and their vision for the future, we can see a future where our ERP platform is a competitive advantage rather than a noose around our necks. We were also very impressed with their responsiveness, tenacity, and commitment to their customer, the same things that we value at Viadux.”

Viadux has a foundry and distribution warehouses across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide and the Gold Coast. The company sources products from multiple global markets such as China, Indonesia, India and of course Australia. In total, Viadux deals with more than 40,000 stock keeping units nationally.

Having entered the market in December 2012, Ramco has grown to set up presence in 3 cities – Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Ramco in Australia has seen a five-fold growth in revenue and addition of 20+ customers, including newsprint producer Norske Skog Australasia, coffee manufacturer Freshfood and Adelaide-based chartered airline Cobham Aviation. The company sees itself as a nimble David taking on the traditional Goliaths’ on the global turf, managing to constantly stay ahead through innovation.