Ramco Aviation Suite launches V5.8.9 driving AI/ML towards mainstream adoption.

Ramco Systems is global software provider. Today it launched V5.8.9 of its Aviation Suite which is specially suited with advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning (AI/ML), automation and material management functions and many other valuable add-ons. It is specially designed to help the airline operators, MROs and defense organizations reach their digital transformation objectives. The release will provide the operators and MROs with an end-to-end platform that can manage complex inventory support business models.

The new release uses recent technological trend like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ ML) . It has ready-to-be-used production cases around Discrepancy Reporting & Corrective Action, Frequently Ordered Part Recommendation, Auto Codification among others. It has helped in making an Intelligent Aviation Enterprise Application  a reality. 

 Ramco Aviation Software 5.8.9 includes multiple new ‘hubs’ such as Customer Order Management, Demand Management, Component Reliability and Fixed Asset Management. Many features has been added to ‘Anywhere Apps’ . This allows mobile functionality on an advanced level.

 The latest version of Aviation software also has extraordinary capability in advanced materials management processes and functions. It can support specialized Inventory Technical Management (ITM) value chains. Many business models of ITM can benefit from this module.

This particular release also uses a number of API driven infrastructure for the different automations, integrations, and multi-channel interactions (such as BOTs, Mobility Apps, emails etc.)

 Virender Aggarwal, CEO, Ramco Systems, said that this new release will redefine user experience and tailored automation with the help of AI/ML and business modelling. Currently, the global aviation industry is facing a down-time. Therefore the organizations need to change their operations and processes and aim for a 10X process improvement by using Digital technology. The automation capabilities are continuously being updated and the manual and semi-manual functions are being removed. The process cycle for inventory and life cycle management has been re-created in a highly automated manner.

 Ramco Aviation Software is a trusted organization which manages over 4,000+ aircraft globally. It can be accessed both on the cloud and mobile. Ramco Aviation Software is continuing to innovate with ‘Anywhere Apps’, which reduces the transaction time both during aircraft-on-ground (AOG) conditions and critical aircraft turnarounds. Ramco is changing the concept of enterprise software with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions.