“AI is going to transform the digital marketing space completely.”-Mr Amol Roy, Founder, TheShutterCast – IT Voice | Online IT Media

“AI is going to transform the digital marketing space completely.”-Mr Amol Roy, Founder, TheShutterCast

IT Voice:-Share details about the inception of TheShuttercast?

Mr Amol Roy:-The Shuttercast was founded in 2017. It was an idea which struck me at the time when I was facing issues in developing my own website through an agency. This gave me inspiration to start something of my own in this space that can address the gaps and create innovative web products and services that are more efficient.

IT Voice:-What is your mission and vision for 2020?

Mr Amol Roy:-2020 is a year which challenges me and excites me the most, as the whole world shifting towards digitization because of the pandemic. Also as startup we are facing many issues we are slowly fostering into one-stop solutions. Right from app development, to legal issues, to funds, we will be helping these young companies with best solutions to their problems.  

IT Voice:-How the innovative website design and development has helped SMEs grow

Mr Amol Roy:-We believe in making our clients the centre of our work flow. Everything we do is to make technology the part of the business which makes it simpler and cost effective for SMEs today.

IT Voice:-How Covid19 has changed the Digital Marketing Strategies of Businesses

Mr Amol Roy:-During COVID-19, marketing has completely changed from being a huge expenditure to the companies to now being the most efficient and innovative way to the growth of their business. The whole market is heavily relying on micro influencers as a way to connect to their customers.

IT Voice:-How has Artificial Intelligence transformed the future of Digital Marketing in India?

Mr Amol Roy:-I have been a believer that AI is going to transform the digital marketing space completely. AI is being extensively used to understand customer behavior, predict their spending habits etc. We have been actively using these technologies for our clients and see it growing furthermore

IT Voice:-What are your Future Plans? 

Mr Amol Roy:-We are expanding into domains where we as a firm will be helping our clients with legal work, marketing and advertising etc. We will also be expanding into other industries like building custom PC’s, Clothing etc. 

IT Voice:-What were the key achievements of TheShutterCast in Year 2019?

Mr Amol Roy:-Key achievements of Theshuttercast in 2019 were generating revenues worth more than $150K.

  • Working with more than 150+ companies

  • Expanding into digital marketing space

  • Opening our Vlogging/blogging venture named Shutterandvoyages