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RajMail: An Ambition towards Linguistic Parity

Curated By: Mr. Tarun Taunk, Chief Editor, IT Voice.

The world around us is constantly expanding, with the total population soaring up to an astounding number of 7.63 billion people as recent records state. Today, we live in a largely connected world with internet acting as the biggest and most crucial aspect for almost every single routine. While the increasing numbers are quite interesting, one important matter of contention is that not every person accessing the internet speaks English. The internet user base is aggressively increasing and in order to help them make the most of internet services there remains a critical need to develop a system that will allow every diversified user to access the internet in his/her native language.

Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG)

UASG is an earnest alliance of more than 120 global tech leaders like Afilias, Apple, GoDaddy, Google, ICANN, Microsoft, Verisign and XgenPlus, that is working to address UA readiness issues and provide native support across various geographies. The body works to ensure service equity and UA availability for all domain names and email addresses around the world.

A recent study published by the UASG group highlights the tremendous achievement of a native Indian organization XgenPlus, developed by Jaipur based IT firm Data Xgen Technologies, which is working to address UA readiness issues and provide related support across the state of Rajasthan, India.


RajMail is a commercially available email solution for the people of Rajasthan, configured and integrated for reliable email communication in their own native language. With this, Rajasthan became the first state to fully adopt and deploy a linguistically fair email service for all its residents.

Developed and powered by XgenPlus, email service ‘RajMail’ extend its supports and reinforces Rajasthan’s e-governance motive. Through “RajMail” users can easily communicate through improved email services in their preferred language. This particular project has been instrumental in Rajasthan’s consequential digital transformation and by now has reached over 4 million users within the state.

Mr. Ram Mohan, Chair, UASG

Ram Mohan, Chair, UASG recently stated, “With the RajMail project, Rajasthan has established itself as a leader in India’s digital transformation. UASG is proud to recognize the work of the Rajasthan government and their partner XgenPlus for this important initiative in bringing millions of people online.”


Future Scope

RajMail is specifically developed to help the citizens of Rajasthan not just to carry improved emailing services in their preferred language but also to ease their communication with the government bodies without facing any technical issues.

Hosted on the Rajasthan State Data Centre and run by the Department of Information Technology and Communications (DoITC), RajMail’s functionalities are managed by the state’s own IT team, with substantial support from Data Xgen Plus. It will soon actuate 100 % Universal Acceptance (UA) compliance across all the internet-based services.

Words of Appreciation

“With RajMail, Rajasthan residents have been equipped with a powerful tool for engaging with their government, with business, and with society. Initial progress is good, but more remains to be done. Until Universal Acceptance is truly universal, some users with email addresses in non-English scripts (EAI addresses) will be locked out from online services,” the UASG Case Study pointed out.

Dr. Ajay Data, Founder and CEO, Data Xgen Technologies

“The state intends to continue making progress on UA and making sure that all their services can be accessed using an EAI address. The state’s IT department and XgenPlus are working together for taking incremental steps while planning its program of work over the next few years, all in service of its vision for a more linguistically diverse Internet,’ said Dr. Ajay Data, Founder and CEO, Data Xgen Technologies”.

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