February 27, 2021

Rajasthan- front runner state in process of e-tendering

Department of Information Technology & Communication 30 May
The ministry of Commerce, Government of India, launched the e-tendering process, in 14 states of the country, including Rajasthan. The e-tendering initiative is a part of Mission Mode Project.
The Rajasthan government with the mission of providing transparency in the processes of all Government departments and institutions, the govt launched e-tendering initiative from 1 October 2011. Initially, e – tendering process was applied first in the IT department for tenders worth Rs. 50 crores and more. Thereafter, it was declared that from 1 April 2012 all the tenders of all departments worth 50 crores or more (25 crores for PWD) will be published through e-tendering.
Rajasthan government’s special efforts resulted that in a short period of time of only one and a half year compared to other states , Rajasthan has become the leading state in e-tendering procedure. According to data released by Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, in 2012-2013 fiscal year, tenders of Rajasthan government were of highest amount (Rs.35, 569 crores) making it the leading state. In terms of number of tenders, with 9439 tenders published, Rajasthan stood second in place.