Radiant Info Solutions is a new age VAD (Value Added Distributor)

Indian customers are much more demanding and have good amount of knowledge about products and technologies as compared to the initial days of IT industry. The customer wants the best of both worlds – pricing as well as the latest technology.
To meet both the demands adequately Radiant Info Solutions Pvt.Ltd. set high standards for himself to fulfil the requirement by providing high end and superior technology with services. The USP of Radiant is its customer retention. The repeated purchases show that our customers have been loyal to our brand in all these past years said Nishant Gupta MD Radiant Info Solutions.
Our main merits include a very strong, experienced technical team manned by engineers with latest technical skill and expertise who offer the pre- and post-sales technical consultancy to the end-customers and aid in installation. To put it shortly Radiant Info Solutions is a new age VAD (Value Added Distributor)
On discussion of GST,Mr.Gupta said that the effect of demonetization was felt only during the initial quarter that it was announced,as consumers went into a self-imposed spending freeze.Over the span of next two quarters,we found that demonetization actually helped us,as illegitimate players forming part of the underground economy made way for genuine players.
Today everyone is looking up to GST as a path-breaking law that can have great impact on the businesses of those involved inter-state operations.
Recently,we augmented our portfolio in both arms and the newly introduced new products and brands are well received by consumers. For example, In the security arm our most prominent release was CP-Plus including PoEswitching. It is helping to fortify our place in the surveillance industry as a serious player in the IP genre.