Year 2022 will be the year of new possibilities and opportunities for IoT applications with the roll out of 5G

Nishant Gupta, Director of Radiant Info Solutions

Nishant Gupta, Director of Radiant Info Solutions

Nishant Gupta, Director of Radiant Info Solutions answered questions about the year-end 2021 and the future ahead in an exclusive interaction with IT-Voice:

Prateek: What were the key achievements of Radiant in the year 2021?

Nishant Gupta: Despite COVID-related complications surrounding businesses worldwide, Radiant managed to successfully maintain the buoyancy this year. Key achievement this year includes some recent partner tie-ups like Vertiv as a Value-Added Partner, successful on-time integration of IT projects at various client sites, and impressive sales figures achieved in the AV domain resulting in recognition as the top-selling partner for Poly in the Sync category.
Apart from this we successfully managed to engage with upcountry markets and adequately created an impressive presence in such regions.

Prateek: Apart from the excellent team, who would you like to thank for the amazing year?

Nishant Gupta: For this successful year, we would like to give credit to all our associates and channel partners as our success is a testament to the support and faith they showed in us. Since our inception, we have always followed a simple principle that to achieve the heights we must work closely with our partners and that’s what we are still maintaining. We always ensure that all our thinking process strategies, business outlook, everything is designed in such a way that customers and partners grow together.
Also, we would like to use this forum to appreciate our OEMs as well to scale up our team regularly through the virtual training and certification programs and this has helped the team to properly pitch the clients and increase the sales.

Prateek: What will be the company’s strategies for the forthcoming year?

Nishant Gupta: We are vigilant on how trends and perceptions of the market are changing, and we are aware that digital disruption is already underway, with customers adopting disruptive technologies like AI, collaborative solutions and IoT, more aggressively than ever, so as a part of this industry we have also engaged ourselves more on this ongoing digital transformation.
We have observed that 2021 is the year when clients are looking for new ways in technology for virtual meetings, classroom sessions, moving to the cloud, etc so our main focus is to create visibility in this domain. Apart from this, penetrate deeply into the upcoming market and explore more to execute the ideas so that our paradigms of doing business remain upgraded and profitable.

Prateek: What innovative technologies and trends can we expect in the year 2022?

Nishant Gupta: We are optimistic that the year 2022 will be the year where 5G will create a buzz as soon as  5G rolls out. It will open new possibilities and opportunities for IoT applications.
Apart from that advancement in AV (Collaborative Solutions) and related technologies will play a critical role in the IT industry for the coming years.

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