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Quintype Raises $3.25 Million To Enhance Product Engineering And Business Development

Latest investment round led by private investor Raghav Bahl

Quintype, a data-driven publishing company announced it has raised $3.25 million to enhance product and Raghav Bahl.business development. Specifically, the funding will be used to grow the product engineering, and sales teams, across locations in the Bay Area, as well as in Bangalore, India.

The funding was led by Raghav Bahl, an Indian businessman, best known for his ownership of several dozen television channels and online properties, under the Network18 umbrella. Often known as the Rupert Murdoch of India, he was the founder, controlling shareholder, and CEO of Network18 group until its takeover by India’s Reliance group last year. He has since founded Quintillion Media, which is an all-digital, mobile-first media company. His first product, a Huffington-Post/BuzzFeed-like news site for India, called The Quint, launched earlier this year on the Quintype platform.

“We are excited to have Mr. Bahl support our company as he has, and are looking forward to using the funds to grow the company even more, particularly from a business standpoint,” said Amit Rathore, founder of Quintype. “At Quintype, our goal is to make it just as easy to start a non-trivial media operation, as it is to start a blog. So, if you want to start a new online magazine, or a news site or app, or any other high-velocity content property, you’ll be able to do it in minutes.”

The Quintype platform is a seamless, end-to-end SaaS service that brings together all the functionality you need to run a modern media business, including everything needed to create and distribute content, understand and grow your audience, and also monetize that content. Because they’re all seamlessly integrated, these various functions work together extremely well, letting publishers focus on their content business, while the Quintype platform manages all the technology heavy lifting. It includes functionality like cardification, collaboration and team workflow tools, advanced semantic analytics, personalization and recommendation systems, an advanced monetization engine, and several other modules.

This SaaS offering lets media organizations reduce technology costs, while at the same time, leveraging big data and predictive analytics to increase revenue and profits. In fact, Quintype’s business model is unique. The entire state-of-the-art platform is available to anyone, free of cost. Quintype partners with publishers by making money through a revenue-share model, effectively aligning their interests with that of the publisher. Quintype only makes money when the publisher does.

For years, publishers have been trying to get adept at gathering information about readers and audiences, in the interest of producing better content, and more effective advertising. However, online media has opened the floodgates to more information about behaviors and preferences. Reader data can reveal to a publisher and advertiser who they are and what speaks to that individual. It also allows publishers to define more-nuanced audience segments, an attractive proposition for advertisers as well. Quintype takes this first-party data to the next level.