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Canon India Steps Into Surveillance Domain With New Intelligent Network Cameras

  • Launches its range of surveillance products including H, M, R and S series of network cameras

  • Aims to capture 10% market share in the IP surveillance market by the end of 2018.

  • Targets government and corporate sector.

Canon India Pvt. Ltd, India’s No. 1 complete Digital Imaging Company has stepped into the surveillance Canon_logodomain with their new range of intelligent network cameras. The portfolio will come in four series i.e. S series, H series, M series & R series of network surveillance cameras which will include both indoor and outdoor cameras under three categories i.e. PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), Fixed Dome and Fixed Box. The new high performance network cameras are ideal for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor environments, including retail, city surveillance and critical infrastructure monitoring.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President and CEO, Canon India Pvt. Ltd, said, “Canon is entering the surveillance market at the right time with the need for intelligent cameras and analytics growing and evolving at a fast pace. With an expertise in imaging technology, Canon’s new network cameras are a comprehensive addition to the surveillance camera landscape, offering the high-quality low-light performance demanded by the market while keeping bandwidth requirements to a minimum. We are expecting the network video surveillance range to contribute 5% of the total business of Canon India in next 2 years.”

The importance of video surveillance today has moved from just security to providing turnkey solutions using various applications and their integration with the eco-system. Further, with the advent of smart cities that are already planned the need for surveillance is expected to grow further in India.

Mr. K. Bhaskhar, VP – Business Imaging Solutions Division, Canon India said, “As cities around the world move closer to realizing their vision of becoming smarter, the requirements for security surveillance evolve as well. The enhanced Canon network cameras are specially crafted to deliver improved visual detection, image capture, and intelligence to meet new surveillance needs. Canon is leveraging its imaging & lens technology leadership in this new product range and with features like Auto Smart Shade Control and other host of intelligent functions; Canon is poised to gain a strong foothold in the intelligent network solution based cameras’ space. With our venture into this new domain, we are aiming to capture 10 % share in IP surveillance space by the end of 2018.”

The VB-R & M series which are meant to address the high-end security trepidations and has an operational capability under temperature ranging from -55 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius keeping in view the comprehensive solutions in the high-end security areas. These cameras support various environmental standards such as IK10 vandal resistance, IP66 Dust & Waterproofing standard, NEMA 250 Type4X Corrosion/Freeze Resistance, ensuring that users can rely on the cameras operating in all conditions over a larger range of temperature. These series will be targeted at Government, Power Plant, Railway, Military, Airport, Border and Ports. The VB- H and M series are ideally suited for sectors like intelligent building, Banks, Factories and the VB-S- series which are mostly for indoor use are ideally suited for the Retail, Convenience store & general offices.

Advanced Lens Technology
With the latest Canon technology designed to ensure maximum performance, the latest Canon network cameras feature two types of lenses, the High UD and Super UD. Super UD lenses minimise inconsistent focus under visible and infrared light, and help maintain accurate focus and high resolution when switching between light sources and the High UD counteracts chromatic aberration whilst reducing the lens’ overall physical size, making these the first Canon network cameras with High UD lenses.

The new network camera range comes equipped with Profile S ONVIF compatibility, allowing for simple integration with the majority of VMS platforms, as well as Profile G, for the recording, searching, and play-back of footage from the edge recording device. These new cameras offer system integrators and end users the product format, performance, durability, compliance and certifications that the evolving security market is now demanding, helping these devices to stand out as true high-end network video surveillance cameras for indoor and outdoor use

Canon’s expanded network camera range, whose unique features include:

Canon’s series of network cameras are designed to include full-featured detection capabilities like auto tracking, scream detection, motion detection, passing-by detection, intrusion detection, removed object detection, abandoned object detection, volume detection & tampering detection.

Crafted with versatility in mind, this highly adaptable series of network cameras is capable of recording excellent videos in varying light conditions. The Auto Smart Shade Control feature helps improve clarity, visibility, and image quality in daylight by automatically responding to the changing environment and optimizing the exposure compensation to retain details in dark and bright areas. The Auto Gain Control function is able to effectively reduce noise from video feeds in dark areas, and deliver outstanding lowlight performance.

Mindful of new regulations governing privacy standards, Canon’s new network cameras will enable users to have the option of applying a Privacy Mask to shield sensitive aspects in one’s field of vision – a feature that is particularly relevant when monitoring areas such as Automated Teller Machines and in financial institutions.

For set-ups requiring maximum coverage over large areas, the Ultra-Wide Angle Fixed Box network cameras are able to cover wide spaces. This also means that users can cover larger areas with lesser camera deployments. Coupled with excellent video quality, users are assured of superb coverage and security in low light and open areas.

Preventive solutions against security threats need to be part of today’s defense measures. The ability to extract and analyse security footage in real-time could make the difference between a proactive or reactive response to security threats. These network cameras allow for immediate playback, helping users mitigate threats as they are identified. Interruptions to video capture are also reduced as the footage can be recorded automatically to an SD, SDHC or SDXC card, providing users with a highly reliable and robust system regardless of network disruptions.

Leveraging Canon’s renowned DIGIC DV III Processor and DIGIC Net II Network Video Processor technology, the network cameras are designed to deliver superb video quality that can be streamed in multiple resolutions and codecs (H.264 and M-JPEG) to meet various end-user needs. Combined with the latest H.264 algorithm updates, Canon’s network cameras will be able to deliver high quality image resolution at a lower bit rate. This allows users a more storage-efficient manner of transferring security footage.