December 1, 2020

Quantum Hi Tech launches its energy-efficient phone charger –QHM1000, priced at Rs. 349/-

QHMPL is India’s prominent manufacturer of consumer electronics, security solutions& high-quality IT peripherals which under the brand ‘Quantum Hi-Tech’, announces its range of Mobile phone chargers the latest being – QHM1000, which is compatible with all feature and smart-phones.

The QHM1000 is designed to be compatible with all feature & Smart Phones, thus, throwing the burden of finding a charger to match your phone into the distant past. Functionality and safety are the strongholds of QHMPL. Against this principle, the QHM1000 incorporates an Over Voltage Protection. It is specially designed keeping in mind India’s fluctuating Voltage environment. The charger gives constant 5V- 1 AMP output power over range of 90V to 300V and can even handle voltage spikes of up to 450V. To add to this, the charger is designed to be over voltage and over current resistant which eliminates the risk of a short circuit. Complete with a Wide Input Voltage Range, this charger promises faster charging speeds for all your devices. TheQHM1000 is absolutely safe as it complies with all the IS and BIS policies. The charger is also made of a Fire Resistant shell which eliminates the possibility of it catching fire due to overheating. The Cable cord provided with the charger supports both Data transfer and charging and comes with a convenient length of 1 meter.

Commenting on the launch of QHM1000 charger, Mr. Ashish Mutneja, Director of Quantum Hi Tech said, “A Power charger is almost indispensible in this age. TheQHM1000 is easy to carry and is compatible with all your devices. Charge your batteries faster without risking the battery life of your devices. A supporter of fast charging, highly portable, at the most prudent prices and an appealing design, the QHM1000 is a must buy.”