QAD Announces Enhancements to QAD Cloud ERP and Related Solutions Designed to Enable Manufacturing Companies to Respond Rapidly to Industry Disruption

QAD Inc., a leading provider of flexible, cloud-based enterprise software and services for global manufacturing companies, today announced the latest enhancements to QAD Cloud ERP and related solutions.

“The only constant for manufacturers is change, and legacy ERP systems simply weren’t designed for change,” said QAD Senior Vice President, Research and Development Bill Keese. “As business requirements evolve, companies try to mitigate the situation with costly and rigid customizations. QAD Cloud ERP with the Channel Islands User Experience (UX) and enabled by the QAD Enterprise Platform reduces the need for customization. It gives customers the ability to adapt quickly and convert disruption into competitive advantage through non-intrusive extensions and new applications that can be written by customers and partners without creating rigidity in the system.”

Disruption is impacting both the markets in which manufacturers compete and the way in which they manufacture. These disruptive forces include the transition from selling products to Anything as a Service (XaaS), demand for products that meet the unique demands of each customer through make to order at scale and the digital transformation of manufacturing using new technologies like data lakes, machine learning and artificial intelligence. Industry disruption creates both risk and opportunity. QAD designs its solutions to help manufacturers respond rapidly to change, decrease their risk and transform disruption into business advantage.

QAD has extended the capability of its Channel Islands UX and the underlying QAD Enterprise Platform throughout its solutions, enabling customers to personalize their experience and extend the capabilities of QAD Cloud ERP with little to no coding required.

In addition to these latest enhancements to QAD Cloud ERP, QAD has also enhanced many of its related solutions including the QAD CEBOS Quality Management System (QMS) and QAD Automation Solutions (AS).