Public Policy Director for Facebook India Quits

As per the company, FB’s public policy director for India, South and Central Asia, has stepped down to follow interests in public service.

Previously this October, Sunil Abraham was chosen by Facebook as the public policy director for data and developing technology.

Facebook’s VP & MD for India, has said that the previous policy director chose to step down to pursue her interest in public service. She was one of the early employees in the country and she has played an important role in the growth of Facebook and its services over the last nine years. She has been a part of his leadership team over the last two years, a role in which she was able to make enormous donations. They are thankful for her service and they wish her all the best for the future.

The resignation arrives weeks after the company and she faced some questions internally from workers over how political content is managed in the company’s biggest market i.e. India.

The tech giant is fighting a public-relations and political-related problem in the country after the Wall Street Journal has reported that she conflicted applying Facebook’s hate-speech rules and regulations to a politician from PM’s party who had in posts called Muslims conspirators.


Image from Facebook


In the United States and around the globe, workers from Facebook are raising questions about whether acceptable procedures and content guideline practices were being trailed by the India team, sources acquainted with discussions. An open letter was written to the company’s leadership by eleven workers on one internal platform, and they demand Facebook leaders to acknowledge and condemn “anti-Muslim bigotry” and safeguard more policy constancy.

The letter also demanded that Facebook’s policy team in India comprises diverse representation. It said that it is hard not to feel unfulfilled and distressed by the incidents reported. They are aware that they are not alone in this. Staff across Facebook are articulating parallel sentiment. It also said that the Muslim community at the company will like to hear from the company leadership.

The tech giant has been under fire in these years for its negligent approach to false news content, state-backed deception campaigns, and vehement content spread through its platforms.