Netflix to Get Background Audio Playback Option in Android

The famous streaming app is reportedly concocting to add an audio-only feature to its Android application that is said to allow users to listen to Netflix shows, or, listen to their shows whilst they do other things with their devices. A publication has been able to dig indication in the Netflix application for Android that references a background audio playback feature. Aside from the advantages of multitasking, the feature that basically turns off video will further help in saving the data and their device’s battery.

XDA makers have been able to find a mention of it in the code of the Netflix application for Android version 7.79.1, hinting that the app is formulating to add background audio playback feature to allow users to listen to their audio content of films and displays in the background. The publication has shared the code from the Netflix v7.79.1 application for Android. It is to save their data by turning off the video and listening to their most preferred tv shows. If the video is off, users can continue to listen to their tv show whilst they are busy doing other things.


Image from Netflix


As mentioned before, other than the understandable benefits that the users can get, they can perform multitask while ongoing to listen to their content in the background, Netflix appears to be too pitching it as a way to save information and battery. This will make sense, as the screen and chipset will no longer be able to showcase video content. The company has already offered a picture-in-picture mode, or more precisely, a floating window on Android as well as iOS, letting users watch and listen to content whilst they do other things. The changes between the 2 modes, or background audio playback and picture-in-picture, should be ostensible.

Numerous other streaming services platforms provide floating picture-in-picture modes, like YouTube with its Premium subscription which in fact, further delivers a background audio playback. Particularly, the app was also spotted trying a pop-up video player on the desktop in 2019.

The progress follows Netflix’s statement of a plan to host a free weekend experimental promotion, which might be called StreamFest, which will start with the Indian market. Netflix will host a 2 day free trial in the country in December to attract more subscribers.

The chief product officer of Netflix has said that they think that giving everyone access to the streaming application for free for a weekend is going to be a great way to disclose a bunch of new people to the astonishing stories that the app has, the service, how the service works, really make an event, and with a bit of luck it can get a bunch of those people to sign up