March 1, 2021

Propalms Launches OneGate 4.0 Application Access Gateway to Provide Secure Access for Enterprises

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Propalms OneGate 4.0 delivers Applications, Data and Network Services from a single platform, enabling a highly secure, policy controlled access environment for all users within enterprise.

Propalms, the leading provider of server based computing technology based on Microsoft Remote Desktop services, Hypervisor based VDI and Enterprise remote access solutions, has launched Propalms OneGate 4.0 application access gateway. OneGate provides secure, policy controlled access to Applications, Data and Network services for any user from any device.

Propalms OneGate brings together performance, management and functionality required for enterprise application access for local and remote access, which reduces costs that are traditionally associated with other access solutions like NAC and VPN solutions.

In a typical enterprise, users can access the applications using several methods; they can access virtual applications delivered from server based computing solution like Propalms TSE & Citrix XenApp, or they can access their application from their personal virtual desktop or users can access locally installed applications from physical PC. Also users could roam around offices, work from home or customer locations or may work from cyber café or airport kiosks. Enterprises use multiple solutions to ensure that users of all profiles have access to business critical applications, data and network services whenever required. This requires enterprises to deploy multiple solutions from different vendor, costing them huge money in terms of solution, learning, implementation and user support along with product maintenance. Enterprises must be wary of the best practices of each technology and solution for effective implement of the same.

OneGate simplifies the application access scenario by combining multiple technologies onto a single platform. At the outset, OneGate provides a single portal based access to published applications that the user is allowed to access based on her role in the organization. On the OneGate portal, user can access virtualized applications and desktops delivered from Propalms’ own TSE & VDI product; web based applications, terminal based applications, shared files and folders and even locally installed client-server applications. Strong two factor authentication and granular authorization control of OneGate ensures highly secure application delivery platform.

Propalms OneGate’s SPAN technology enables enterprises to open up the application infrastructure to roaming users, partners, vendors and extranet users without setting up complex routing changes or firewall configurations in the network. The SPAN technology enables access to specified access to applications rather than doing network level VPN.

Key features of Propalms OneGate 4.0 Application Access Gateway:

Integrated OTP based two factor authentications

Simple user interface with brand new features

High availability of data, ensuring that users get connected to DR site without disruptions

Enhanced enterprise single sign-on for web applications

Improved SPAN technology; enables up to 80 per cent performance improvement for high bandwidth applications

Strong endpoint security ensures complete control over devices and Internet access of the roaming users.

Supports latest windows 8 desktop operating system

Supports secure way for delivering personal desktop and personal files

Vijender Yadav, VP of Product Development at Propalms said, “Organizations of all sizes are facing pressure to deliver data securely to an ever-increasing numbers of mobile workers. For all users-home users, roaming users, customers or even business partners-the need for a Secure Remote Access solution has become a necessity. Organizations have to step away from traditional methods of protecting data. This is where our OneGate application gateway can help.”