Prison Connect, a new phone company that helps Inmates To Save On Phone Calls

Today Prison Connect, a new phone company that helps inmates and their loved ones save money on phone calls, launched its website and service,

Prison Connect helps inmates and families save money by providing a number local to the facility where the inmate is located. Instead of paying very high long distance fees, the call is charged at a local rate. The savings are between 30% and 90% per call. That means inmates can talk more for less money and stay in touch with their family and friends without unnecessary costs. Detailed information is available at

While other companies have many veiled fees, limited minutes and charge over $20 a month for the same service, Prison Connect charges no veiled fees, has the lowest monthly rate and provides the local phone number in real time. When users sign up for Prison Connect, the first month is absolutely free, the second month is only 1 cent, and after that the monthly rate is only 4.99$ for unlimited minutes.

Prison Connect understands the lumber having a loved one in prison, and is dedicated to making it possible for inmates and their loved ones to always be connected.

Furthermore, because Prison Connect cares about inmates and their rights, we will be launching a particular donations program in the coming months, where part of the monthly fee will go to inmate rehabilitation charities and programs, prison advocacy groups and inmate family organizations.

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