Pre-budget Expectation Quote 2023-2024 : ViewSonic India- Mr Muneer Ahmad, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India

Mr Muneer Ahmad, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India

The audio-visual industry is embarking a steady growth in recent years due to technological advancements, industry trends and consumer preferences. Projectors, monitors, interactive displays, and LED video walls are gaining significant momentum and are becoming an integral part of corporates and industries. In this upcoming budget, we expect the Government to reduce the duty on raw materials, electronic parts and components of sub-assemblies. Additionally, the Government should also consider relaxation on the GST rates. For instance, the projection category falls under 28% and IFPs under 18%.

In recent years the EdTech industry is witnessing an unprecedented shift due to the evolution of newer trends and technologies and improved accessibility of education. Moreover, the Central Government has been promoting and focusing on growing the education sector and giving education for all a high priority. As a result, this industry has received a sizable allocation, and we are grateful for this approach. In the upcoming budget, we further hope that the Government will encourage the use of cutting-edge technology and boost education accessible for all. We anticipate seeing a more successful strategy in the future.”

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