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Prana Air launches Pocket Monitor for real time PM2.5 levels (WI-FI enabled)

Measure pollution levels on the go with Prana Air’s World’s smallest, budget-friendly pocket monitor

Purelogic Labs India, an initiative to increase awareness about air pollution in India, is now launching India’s most accurate and affordable pocket monitor for PM2.5 levels. Prana Air Pocket Monitor is a one of its kind monitors, allowing the user to measure air pollution values on the go (indoor or outdoor). The smallest PM2.5 monitor has the WiFi connectivity feature to analyze the data on mobile app also android TV and web-dashboard.With a 400 mAh lithium battery which will last for up to 3-4 hours without a charge, it lets the user check the air anywhere and anytime.

Prana Air Pocket Monitor has a built-in, high-quality sensor to check PM2.5 values, meaning particles with a diameter less than 2.5 micrometers. These particles are dangerous to inhale, and the Pocket Monitor ensures that the user knows right away when the levels are too high.

One can easily download the AQI app on any ios & android smartphones, from the app store. Then go to “My Device” & select Pocket PM2.5 Monitor.The monitor can be simply turned on by long pressing the on-button until a QR code appears on the screen. Scan the QR code or Enter the device ID displayed on your device screen, fill in your Wi-Fi details. , allowing the monitor to boot and begin measuring the air. The PM2.5 values will show to the left while a category for the safety level will be showed on the right, ranging from Good to Hazardous. With the high sensitivity of the sensor, it can detect particles count levels up to 999 µg/m3. To calculate the particle count, the device uses a sophisticated laser sensor with an additional algorithm to give PM2.5 into ug/m3

The monitor comes with a 5V DC/Type-C USB cable for charging, where a full charge takes no more than one hour. The portable device can be used in any indoor or outdoor environment, such as in the home, in the office, or in the car. The sensor measures in real-time which means it can move from place to place and constantly check the air quality levels.

Mr. Rohit Bansal, Founder of Purelogic Labs states, “Air pollution is a worldwide problem where instant knowledge and awareness of the issue is needed. The Pocket Monitor allows any user from a novice to experienced level to quickly and in real-time check how the PM2.5 values are in their surroundings. Based on that, they can take action to protect themselves. The Pocket Monitor PM2.5 is a big step toward creating cleaner, safer, and healthier spaces for all of us.”

The Pocket Monitor is launching in India at the affordable price of Rs. 7990/-, allowing both people who are concerned for their health or have interest in air quality to check the air in real-time anytime. The device is now available online at www.pranaair.com with worldwide shipping. 

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