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Mr. Rajat Jain, co-founder of Pataa Navigation

Commenting on the Budget 2023, Mr. Rajat Jain, co-founder of Pataa Navigation, said, “We welcome the Union Budget 2023 by the Indian Government which is positively focused on a tech-driven economy. To begin, setting up 100 labs for effectively developing 5G services will enhance the overall UX of the mobile applications. Also, the initiative of setting up Centers of Excellence for artificial intelligence in top educational institutions will help in conducting interdisciplinary research and creating applications.

Additionally,  the National Data Governance Policy unleashes innovation and research by startups and Academia to access anonymized data from both government and private entities for research and innovation in order to boost development in the country. Here at Pataa, we are excited about these developments as with these policies, we can also become an aid for the quest of a Digital India. Our advanced addressing system can complement a few of the services proposed, such as in the 5G sector, intelligent transportation systems can be integrated with our smart addressing system to make it even more efficient and effective. In terms of artificial intelligence, Pataa’s location based predictive proximity location intelligence system can greatly aid agriculture and healthcare services with precision location and digital addresses that can be used to provide services. Additionally, Pataa can be integrated into the advanced digilocker technology for provision of geotagged and verified addresses. We are all set to launch applications for enterprises and organizations based on location intelligence and augmented reality to help in operational efficiency and excellence.”

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