“Post-sales support is the back-bone of Edimax”- Mr. Eric Yang, Country Manager, Edimax Technology

Edimax Technology has been slowly and steadily creating its brand in India. IT Voice team had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Eric Yang, Country Manager, Edimax Technology. Below are the excerpts of the interaction.

Mr. Eric Yang, Country Manager, Edimax TechnologyShweta Sharma:  Would you please brief us about the range of products? How different are they compare to similar product in the market?

Mr. Yang:  Edimax is a purely networking product manufacturer and the products are directly or indirectly linked with networking . Edimax always focuses on latest technology related to wireless networking. Edimax products are designed with rich features and thus can be considered as value for money.

Shweta Sharma:  What kinds of trends do you see in the Communications Industry?

Mr. Yang:  Since making her debut in 2009 Edimax have been closely monitoring the trend and consumers behaviour in the networking domain. Price is no more a winning factor and acceptance of products from Principle Company who provide value-addition in terms of features, service and support is gaining popularity and acceptance.

Shweta Sharma:  What is your strategy for the consumer space where the market has become fragmented?

Mr. Yang:  Consumer market in networking is basically divided into 3 broad categories by location. Majorly, metro consumers’ accepts products with better Technology, Class-B cities are experimental and Class-C cities very basic. Edimax caters to the entire consumer space with the broad range of products Viz: 150Mbps as entry level to 1200Mbps for higher-end in terms of technology trend.

Shweta Sharma:  Please share some of the activities that you would be doing in the coming years in order to promote your brand in India?

Mr. Yang:  Edimax intends to invest more on branding and awareness creation through active participation in media coverage and partners involvement in working closely to develop the brand through designated local activities. Edimax has also started exploring the social media to gain access to direct consumers’ dialogue platform.

Shweta Sharma:  Please share some details about your channel structure and strategy within India?

Mr. Yang:  Edimax has very simple channel policy of ND to RD to Resellers model. A strategy to build a multi-channel policy will be planned to explore other verticals like LFR, E-commerce etc.

Shweta Sharma:  Please throw some light on the activities lined up for channel this fiscal year?

Mr. Yang:  Edimax is at growing stage in terms of aligning like-minded channel partners so focus will be purely to work closely with channel partners and fulfill their local needs by launching region specific schemes, rebates, exhibitions etc.

Shweta Sharma:  According to AMI report, there are more than 7.6 mn SMBs in India. Please share some of your strategies for this segment.

Mr. Yang: SMB segment is the driving force behind the growth path of companies like Edimax. We have certain products which are very SMB solution specific like Edimax vast range of Access points, IP cameras, PoE switches etc. The portfolio in this category will certainly grow in the days to come.

Shweta Sharma:  What are the company’s plans regarding retail segment?

Mr. Yang: Edimax globally has very good presence in retail segment and in India we are exploring the opportunities with many retailers leaving no stone un-turned.

Shweta Sharma:  Please tell us about the investment plans related to post-sales support in India?

Mr. Yang: I always highlighted in my many previous interviews that post-sales support is the back-bone for any brand and Edimax understood the importance of service since the day we launched our brand. Moving ahead investments will grow in this domain through the alignment of dedicated service partners and well trained support teams.